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  • Five Reasons to Shop at Just Dream

    We get it. There are a lot of retailers out there who sell mattresses. With so many options and brands, it can get pretty confusing pretty quickly. At Just Dream, we aim for one ultimate goal: Your comfort. Just like the styles people wear or the different favorite foods people like to eat, which mattress… Read more »

  • Mattress Spotlight: Serta Perfect Sleeper 85th Anniversary Special Edition

    Perfect Sleepers are created to solve five common sleep problems and the 85th Anniversary Special Edition mattress does so at a price everyone can sleep easy about.  The Special Edition features 704 Custom Support® Flex coils that provide 3-way motion isolating technology.  Coils are arranged head-to-toe to move independently, which reduces motion caused from one… Read more »

  • Mattress Spotlight: iSeries Alvani Plush and Firm

    Today’s mattress spotlight is a two for one report on the iSeries® Alvani Plush and Firm models.  Combined, these models represent the bestselling mattress at Just Dream Mattress Gallery in 2015. As an iSeries mattress, both Alvani models are hybrid mattresses, matching the support of traditional coils with the plush contouring comfort of memory foam. … Read more »

  • Mattress Spotlight: iComfort Vivacious

    This will be the first in a series of mattress profiles we sell at Just Dream Mattress Gallery.  Our hope is not to get too caught up in technical specs, but to express the real benefits in each mattress, accessory, or lifestyle base. iComfort Vivacious by Serta Today’s mattress profile is the Serta iComfort Vivacious. … Read more »

  • Memory Foam

    Originally designed by NASA to be a cushion for aircrafts and space flights, memory foam cradles and contours to the sleeper’s body. Memory foam decreases incidence of body impressions, as returns to its original form when not in use. One drawback often associated with traditional memory foam is its retention of heat. Those who sleep… Read more »

  • Gel Memory Foam

    Gel memory foam contains gel particles fused with memory foam. Considered the “third generation” of memory foam, gel memory foam springs back quicker than traditional memory foam while giving superior support and allowing for heat transfer. With Serta, you’ll receive all the benefits of gel memory foam in the iComfort and Perfect Sleeper line of… Read more »

  • Traditional Innerspring Mattress

    Perhaps one of the most familiar and certainly the most common type of mattresses are ones with innersprings. Innerspring beds typically have coils, either individually wrapped or tied together encased in a frame. Usually, a pad or foam topping is layered on top of the springs for added comfort. Of course, the quality of springs… Read more »

  • Hybrid Mattresses

    While some stores claim that any mattress with memory foam and innersprings is a hybrid, at Just Dream we only call the Serta iSeries line of mattresses hybrids. This is because iSeries models are made with several layers of memory foam that make up nearly half of the mattress. Thus, the iSeries line has almost… Read more »